Nursing CV Sample

Nursing CV Resume Sample TemplateNursing is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding careers which require a great deal of physical stamina and a strong sense of humour to perform daily duties. Nurses combine the art of caring with a broad scientific knowledge base to provide care, promote wellness, physical and mental health and improve the lives of their patients. It requires strong communication skills, both written and oral, combined with a scientific mind and a warm and kind heart and soul to form the foundation for a good nurse.


Sara Ali
Bilal Colony, TaxilaPhone: +92-0000-0000000

OBJECTIVE : Seeking a challenging position in a busy hospital where my extensive and admirable  medical professional and practical experience will be fully utilized.


  • Proven record of reliability and responsibility.
  • Remain calm, careful and professional throughout critical incidents and emergency situations.
  • Strong analytical and intellectual skills, capable of assessing conditions and applying appropriate interventions, methods and important steps.
  • Important problem solver capable of implying solutions to complex and critical  problems.
  • Possess special ability to meet diverse requirements in varied situations.
  • Develop rapport with patients, family, staff and physicians.
  • Relate well to people from varied cultures.

PIMS Hospital, Islamabad
Staff Nurse

  • Applied patient care for up to 15 patients per section
  • Scheduled patient admissions and discharges and other requirements
  • Assess patient status of problem and notify physicians of clinical changes
  • Interact with different departments regarding patient care and health regulation
  • Educate patients and their families on health care needs, conditions and  options etc
  • Assist the Nursing Manager in the supervision of staff nurses
  • Evaluate staffing needs and requirements including floor assignments
  • Maintained patient charts and personal data files

Civil Hospital, Taxila
Staff Nurse

  • Assigned to provide patient care for 12 patients
  • Assisted with the admission and discharge of patients
  • Performed clinical tasks according to hospital policies
  • Assisted in the orientation of new staff members and their training
  • Assessed patient’s criteria of problem and advised of changes in status
  • Monitored and maintained patient charts
  • Assisted patients and family members in the education of health care needs

Military Hospital,Rawalpindi

Nursing Aid

  • Helped nursing staff in the care of all patients including bathing, changing and feeding.
  • Administered insulin shots, antialergics and local anesthetic.
  • Provided patient care of high quality.
  • Managed confidential patient files.

Nashtir Medical College,Multan
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Samana Medical College,Rawalpindi
MSc. in Health Care Management


In my free time I serve at the local community center where I spend much time with the older group. I help them to enjoy activities such as painting, weaving and knitting. We also provide entertainment in the form of Cricket, badminton, and other games.