IT CV Sample

IT CV SampleIT resume should show the candidate technical skills in field of information technology. IT is a very vast field which contains different parts, So your IT resume should show your expert skills in front of employer.

Insurance CV Sample

Insurance CV SampleInsurance is specially designed to protect the financial loss in case of unexpected loss. Insurance policy creates a contract between customer and the insurance company. In exchange for payments from customer, the insurance company agrees to pay customer a sum of money upon the occurrence of a specific bad event.


Industrial CV Sample

Industrial CV SampleOver the past several years, the study of industrial organization and the analysis of imperfectly competitive markets has grown, such as finance, strategy, and marketing. So an industrial engineer has the responsibility to create different products according to the customer demand and plays a key role in the advancement of any industry.

HR CV Sample

HR CV SampleHuman resource is the group of persons that makes the initiative step of an organization or any business. In any firm the employees works as asset of that company, whose importance is enhanced by development. So a company have to the help of human resource management to capitalize on those assets.


Help Desk CV Sample

Help Desk CV SampleIntroduction to Help Desk Skills and Concepts is designed to teach students: the importance and benefits of measuring the delivery of customer support; how to create positive interactions with customers; how to identify customer needs; how to meet customer expectations and how to deal different nature of customers.

Graphic CV Sample

Graphics Designer CVGraphic designer is a creative minded person. He creates the design with the mutual attachment of client and creativity of his mind. He creates the design to convey a special message to the viewers by using paints.