Advertising Resume Sample

The advertising department has a variety of tasks that cannot be done by a single person. One needs to be especially careful in writing an Advertising Executive resume, for the reason that they cater to the people with top positions in an organization, most of which are from the management background. Hence the job is equally divided among the specialists.

Administrative Resume Sample

An administrator responsible for the smooth functioning of the office. He or she is completely responsible for the duties of running the whole office. Right from maintaining documents, to taking certain decisions, the administrator is responsible for many core jobs.  Any office cannot function well if there are loopholes in the administrative duties.

Accounting Resume

Your accounting resume must highlight the most important information about your accounting education, experience and skills. At a first look this information creates a primary image of your accounting skills and abilities among the employers.

What is Resume and CV ?

No matter the reason for your career change, a powerful resume is an essential component of your search campaign. In fact, it is virtually impossible to conduct a search without a resume. It is your calling card that briefly, yet powerfully, communicates the skills, qualifications, experience, and value you bring to a potential employer. It is the document that will open doors and generate interviews.